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El Xupet Negre

€1,55 / booklet
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€1,55 / booklet

Discover the captivating El Xupet Negre's artistic collection and elevate your experience with our premium King Size Slim Rolling Tray booklets!

El Xupet Negre is the precursor of the Logo-Art and one of its most relevant figures, actively working in the graffiti scene from its beginning and a key stone of the street-art movement. He is influenced by Pop Art, the graffiti of the urban authors, the advertising and graphic design culture, the street signal language and the history of art.

The message is capital in his work, using social values such as peace, respect, diversity, equality, amongst others. To him, the purpose is to color walls and people minds.

The artist uses his logo and his work on the street to catch your attention and deliver his message: "PAINT THE WALL, SAVE THE WORLD!"

El Xupet Negre is the only Spanish artist that appears in the list "The 50 Most Influential Street Artists of All Time" Complex Magazine

PAPER SIZE (108×44 mm)
+ KSS (King Size Slim)
+ Ultra-thin & slow-burning
+ Made with natural Arabic gum
+ Brown/Unbleached paper made from wood pulp fibers
+ Natural food-grade Filter tips

+ 32 leaves in a BOOKLET
+ 32 paper tips in a BOOKLET
+ 20 booklets in a BOX (4 designs, 5 booklets of each design)

+ Millimeters = 111 x 55 x 6.2
+ Inches = 4.38 x 2.17 x 0.25