Moving Horizons Box

Moving Horizons Box



20 booklets per box

4 different designs in box

Length = 113 mm
Width = 125 mm
Depth = 59 mm

KING SIZE /slim/ size 110×45 mm ultra thin
slow burning arabic gum

32 leaves in a BOOKLET
32 filter tips in a BOOKLET

Length = 111 mm
Width = 53 mm
Depth = 5 mm

Our psychedelic and hypnotic collection allows you to take a trip to the Wonderland. It allows your imagination to meet the Snail Fairies in the magical forest, to run across Jimmie and the Purple haze, all around, fly among the colorful butterflies or meet the Moving Horizons scary lady. Four different designs, 4 different stories to develop. Dive in and move your horizons with our amazing collection!

Magnetic Maxi Pack with ultra thin and slow burning rolling papers.

Each booklet contains 32 leaves and tips. All of our papers are made from natural pulp fibers with natural Arabic gum, sourced from Europe.

There are 20 booklets in box.