Mossy Giant GNOME Collection

Mossy Giant GNOME Collection


KING SIZE /slim/ size 110×45 mm
ultra thin, slow burning, arabic gum

32 leaves in a BOOKLET
32 filter tips in a BOOKLET

Length = 111 mm
Width = 53 mm
Depth = 5 mm

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We are proud to introduce you Snailpaper˙s collab with Amsterdam`s finest illustrator & graphic designer Mossy Giant. His almost neurotic fascination with detailed line-work and stories within stories are not for the easily distracted, that`s why we love to collaborate with Mossy Giant, so you can sit down, roll up and dive into the magic world, every time you treat yourself with them green pleasures. You can choose between four different Mossy designs: The Gnome Alchemist that turns rubbish to gold, the Bear – artist`s spirit animal, The Mighty Mushroom – fungal magic and the Sun – our big`ol golden ball in the sky.

Magnetic Maxi Pack with ultra thin and slow burning rolling papers.

Each booklet contains 32 leaves and tips. All of our papers are made from natural pulp fibers with natural Arabic gum, sourced from Europe.


From To Discount Booklet price
1 11 N/A 2.00€
12 23 5% 1.90€
24 47 7.5% 1.85€
48 95 10% 1.80€
96 191 12.5% 1.75€
192 383 20% 1.60€
384 * 30% 1.40€

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Discounts on quantity also apply to different designs of the same booklet type.

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