King Size Wide

King Size Wide


?White or Rice papers are made from all natural ingredients and refined to the white level look. They are ultra-thin with 100% Arabic gum.
?Unbleached rolling papers are all natural unrefined brown rolling papers. They are thin rolling papers with 100% Arabic gum.
?Hemp rolling papers are made from pure organic hem. They are thin (13,5 g) vegan rolling papers with 100% Arabic gum.
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Get your classic high-quality King Size Wide Custom Rolling Papers, with your unique design. It’s just the best way to smoke.

King Size Wide papers are perfect for those who want to push that extra bit of herbs inside. Whether you are sharing it with friends, or just want a long-lasting smoke for yourself, wide papers will do the trick.

KING SIZE /wide/ size 110×55 mm
ultra-thin, slow-burning, Arabic gum

32 leaves in a BOOKLET

Length = 110 mm
Width = 39 mm
Depth = 5 mm

All together insuring a perfect smoke! Roll your own papers and make a statement!

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