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Papriko Ink World Series Vol. II

€1,55 / booklet
Paper Size
Paper Color
Filter Tips
€1,55 / booklet

Papriko is a Tokyo-based digital artist celebrated for his vivid "Strains of the Day" illustrations.

Embark on a global adventure with 'Papriko Ink World Series Vol 2.' This collection showcases Holland's Hope, UK Cheese, French Macaron, and Himalayan Gold. It's a passport to puffing pleasure, capturing the essence of international strains with a touch of artistic flair. Each roll is a journey – spark up and travel the world with Papriko.

PAPER SIZE (108×44 mm)
+ KSS (King Size Slim)
+ Ultra-thin & slow-burning
+ Made with natural Arabic gum
+ White/Bleached rolling paper made form natural wood pulp fibers
+ Natural food grade filter tips
+ Magnetic closing
+ Rolling tray

+ 32 leaves in a BOOKLET
+ 32 paper tips in a BOOKLET
+ 20 booklets in a BOX (4 designs, 5 booklets of each design)

+ Millimeters = 111 x 55 x 6.2
+ Inches = 4.38 x 2.17 x 0.25