Jimbo Phillips X SnailPapers

Mar 21, 2024Sales Medvode

In the world of skateboarding, creativity isn't just confined to the deck under your feet or the tricks you pull off. It extends to every aspect of the culture, including the art that adorns decks, clothing, shoes, basically everything connected to that four-wheeled wooden toy lifestyle.

Every true skateboarders knows Jimbo Phillips. Following his father´s (Jim Phillips) footsteps, he did graphics for the skateboard industry, creating eye-popping artwork for t-shirt designs, decals, magazine ads, and skateboards. In the early 90s Jimbo started his own graphic art business continuing to work for skateboard companies as well as other major brands such as Toyota, Nike, Snickers, Volcom and so many more. Along the way he won some awards for graphics as well as displaying in art shows internationally in Europe, South America and Canada. In 2005 his art was featured on Tony Hawk American Wasteland video game for the Xbox and Playstation2.

His current projects include signature artist series collaborations with Bell helmets, Electric visuals, Volcom clothing, Puma shoes and also a game app on Itunes called Skatetrash!

As if all this wasn´t enough Jimbo went even further and did some rolling paper art. We here at Snailpapers are honored to reveal a collaboration with Jimbo Phillips. A classic Jimbo Phillips graphic designs on your favorite rolling papers. With king size slim rice papers made from wooden pulp and white tips, natural arabic gum and magnetic closure, so you keep those papes secured.


The collaboration between Jimbo Phillips and Snail custom rolling paper company is a match made in subculture heaven. By merging his iconic designs with a ubiquitous accessory within skate culture, Phillips has created something truly unique and collectible. These rolling papers aren't just for smoking; they're miniature pieces of art, each one a testament to Phillips' creativity and the spirit of skateboarding.

Check them out here!

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