Snail Papers

Papriko Ink Legendary Series Vol. I

€1,55 / booklet
Paper Size
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Filter Tips
€1,55 / booklet

 Papriko is a Tokyo-based digital artist celebrated for his vivid "Strains of the Day" illustrations.

Hit it old school with the Legendary Series Vol 1, featuring the OGs of the strain game. Wrap your buds in sheets decked out with Skunk #1, AK-47, Black Domina, and Purple Haze. It's more than rolling papers; it's a statement. Get your hands on these and roll with the greats. Light up, stand out, be legendary.

PAPER SIZE (108×44 mm)
+ KSS (King Size Slim)
+ Ultra-thin & slow-burning
+ Made with natural Arabic gum
+ White/Bleached rolling paper made form natural wood pulp fibers
+ Natural food grade filter tips
+ Magnetic closing
+ Rolling tray

+ 32 leaves in a BOOKLET
+ 32 paper tips in a BOOKLET
+ 20 booklets in a BOX (4 designs, 5 booklets of each design)

+ Millimeters = 111 x 55 x 6.2
+ Inches = 4.38 x 2.17 x 0.25