Snail Papers Players Club

Nov 28, 2023Maggie Kane

Meet a few superstars of US cannabis culture who are featured in this exclusive COLLECTIBLE rolling paper collaboration with Snail Papers called the "SNAIL PAPERS PLAYERS CLUB"🔥

Conceptualised by our US-based marketing partner,, this project is a promotional drop that will be exclusively available from us at trade show events & for select giveaways. We will also give box collections to our collaborators to share with their audiences - so be on the lookout for these collectible rolling paper booklets!



Inspired by 90s collectible / trading card culture (like Pokémon), these rolling paper booklets feature a "player" who's trailblazing cannabis culture in the US. Each player is turned into a specialised character their own unique environment, which was achieved by using the Midjourney AI engine.

After generating a character in a scene for each player, designed the player card graphics for each player's booklet, choosing unique font/color combos to further embolden the graphics that illustrate each player.

As the (former) 90s kids say - gotta smoke 'em all!



#001 KRYS WOLF 💥 artisan high-roller @wolf_stoner_queen

KRYS WOLF @wolf_stoner_queen


#002 STAYLIFTED NYC 💥 brand ambassador



#003 GANJA GURU 💥 cannabis connoisseur @ganjaguru2

003 ROGER STERLING @ganjaguru2


#004 THE CANNABIS CUTIE 💥 cannabis educator @thecannabiscutie

004 TAMMY PETTIGREW @thecannabiscutie

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